Double portrait of Marie and P.S. krøyer

Double portrait of Marie and P.S. Krøyer

Marie and P.S Krøyer got married in 1889 and in the autumn they went on honeymoon to Italy. They visited the town of Ravello, and it was probably here that the couple painted this double portrait, in which they have painted each other. Krøyer depicts Marie as a beauty, while Marie has used a cool, purple colour on the neck and cheeks in the portrait of Krøyer, making him look almost ill. His “sick” colour could also be attributed by his work as a plein air painter. His red hair and light skin may have made it difficult for him to tolerate the strong southern sun. Several of the artist couples of the period, including Anna and Michael Ancher and Agnes and Harald Slott-Møller, painted double portraits, in which they depicted each other. With this small painting, the Krøyer couple added yet another picture to this body of work.

1867 - 1940