Make a donation to the Art Museums of Skagen

New acquisitions of artworks, maintenance of protected buildings, improvement of public facilities, refurbishment of the 1st floor in Anchers Hus. Quite a few of the tasks and projects of the Art Museums of Skagen require a steady flow of financial funds, and the subsidies from state and local government budgets are clearly insufficient to cover all the costs.

By donating a small amount, you can help secure the future of Skagens Museum, Anchers Hus and Drachmanns Hus. Even a small contribution from you is worth much more than the nominal amount, because it helps secure our approval as a non-profit institution, and thus access to VAT compensation in a very significant amount of money each year.

The VAT compensation mechanism is a bit complicated – so here’s a short explanation: The income of the Art Museums of Skagen is partially exempt from VAT (e.g. entrance fees), while other parts of the income (e.g. shop and café sales) are subject to VAT. Like other companies, we can deduct the VAT we pay to our suppliers when we settle our own VAT liability with the state. However, the taxable revenue is too small to get the full benefit of the tax deduction. The same applies to other non-profit institutions. Therefore, the Danish state budget allocates funds for VAT compensation to approved non-profit institutions.
The VAT compensation payable to the Art Museums of Skagen potentially amounts to a large six-digit amount each year. In other words, only a small donation from you can help unlock a considerable sum of money that will flow into our work, for the benefit of the museum visitors.

In order to maintain the approval as a non-profit institution, we need to receive gifts (with no direct countervalue) from at least 100 contributors each year.

We want to be on the safe side and therefore your contribution is very important.

Your donation of DKK 200 (or more) can be transferred to the bank account of Art Museums of Skagen:

IBAN no. DK5290154574897594, BIC code SPNODK22

For the donation to count against the non-profit approval, it’s important that we receive your name and address with the payment.

Art Museums of Skagen say thank you, and we strive to continue to give you a good experience when you visit one of our three houses!