The collection at Art Museums of Skagen

In the late 19th century, the fishing village of Skagen became the home of a colony of Scandinavian artists. Inspired by French Realism, the artists found their motifs on Skagen’s beaches, on the moors and in the cabins of the local fishermen, as well as in their own familiar environment.

The Skagen painters’ own museum

The artists’ colony became known as the Skagen painters. With artists like Peder Severin Krøyer, Anna and Michael Ancher, Viggo Johansen and Christian Krohg at the forefront, the group of Skagen painters were early advocates of modern painting in Scandinavia, in opposition to academic painting and the Danish Golden Age tradition.

At Skagens Museum, you can experience the works of the Skagen painters. Since 1908, Skagens Museum has collected the works of the painters, preserving the art in the environment in which the artworks were created.

Collection and display

The exhibited part of the collection is organized around central, common motifs in the art of the Skagen painters. Here, you will find the masterpieces of the Skagen painters together with frequent rehangings of works from the art museums of Skagen’s vast collections,

Currently on display are works of: Anna Ancher, Helga Ancher, Michael Ancher, Oscar Björck, Holger Drachmann, Viggo Johansen, Christian Krohg, Marie Krøyer, P.S. Krøyer, Carl Locher, Thorvald Niss and Laurits Tuxen.

The Plesner Wing

Since 1928, the collection has been housed in the Plesner Wing in the current main building, which was created by architect Ulrik Plesner for the purpose. The Plesner Wing was last renovated and expanded in 2014-2016 after Plesner’s original drawings.

Brøndum’s dining room and artists’ studios

The local Brøndum family was essential to the formation of the artists’ colony. Many of the artists stayed in the family’s hotel, and the family’s youngest daughter, Anna, became the most prominent female Skagen painter. She married the painter Michael Ancher, who had a studio in the hotel’s garden.

In 1946, the hotel’s dining room was transferred from Brøndums Hotel to the museum. Now known as “Brøndum’s dining room” it used to be a central place for the artists’ colony and the backdrop for many gatherings. When the hotel was extented and refurbished in 1892, the dining room was decorated by members of the artists’ colony. The dining room, which is preserved in its entirety at Skagens Museum, contains 81 works of art, including portraits of the members of the artists’ colony.

The Garden House and Krøyer’s studio

The museum’s garden behind the main building was originally owned by Brøndums Hotel. In the garden, you can see the studios of the painters Michael Ancher and Peder Severin Krøyer, which the artists established in existing buildings on the grounds. Michael Ancher’s studio is situated in the northern part of the Garden House, where he lived with his wife Anna Ancher in their first years of marriage. Krøyer established his studio next to this in a former granary.

The Skifer Wing

A new wing was completed in 2015, thereby doubling the floor space of the original museum. The wing contains improved visitor facilities, the museum gift shop, the conservation studio, and a large space for large-scale special exhibitions.

Clad in black slate (In Danish: Skifer), the new wing is a distinctive addition to Skagen’s townscape, but with clear references to vernacular architecture.