Loan requests

The Art Museums of Skagen loans works to exhibition venues and museums, but not to private individuals. Works hanging in Brøndum’s Dining Room are not for loan.

In order for a loan request to be processed, a written application is required. The application must include the following information and documentation:

    • Work data: the artist’s name, title, date, and inventory number
    • Exhibition dates
    • Exhibition concept
    • A description of the artistic intention of the exhibition
    • Facility report
    • Floor plan including types of security measures installed and their certification.

Loan requests are processed four times annually. Contact Mette Bøgh Jensen, curator, for more information on deadlines for loan requests.

The loan request is addressed to Lisette Vind Ebbesen, museum director, and sent either by email to or to:

Art Museums of Skagen
Brøndumsvej 4
9990 Skagen
Attn: Lisette Vind Ebbesen

Futhermore you must fill out a facility report. You will find it here:

Once you have filled out the form send it to techinal manager Michael Karred Jensen via mail:

Loan requests cannot be processed until we have received all the above information and documentation.

The museum must be in receipt of the loan request at least eight months prior to the opening of the exhibition.

The museum must be in receipt of the signed loan document two months prior to the opening of the exhibition. All costs pertaining to the preparation of works and any administration fees must also be paid in full.

All costs associated with the loan to be paid by the applicant.