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Weddings and civil ceremonies at Skagens Museum, Anchers Hus and Drachmanns Hus

Skagens Museum as well as the two artist’s homes Anchers Hus and Drachmanns Hus and the surrounding gardens are romantic locations for a wedding or civil ceremony. A wedding or civil ceremony is a special and important event and we are happy to open our facilities for you.

Please schedule and book your time at the Borgerservice office at Frederikshavn Municipality, by phone +45 9845 5500 or email:

Wedding ceremony guidelines:
  • We apply a fee of dkk 1250 (incl. VAT) for weddings and civil ceremonies at Skagens Museum, Drachmann Hus, Anchers Hus and in the gardens.
  • If the wedding ceremony takes place indoors, entry is free for the bridal couple. The rest of the wedding party must pay regular entrance fee.
  • It is not possible to bring your own food or drinks.
  • You are not allowed to move or rearrange the furniture in the museum, the artist’s homes or in the gardens.
  • The bride and groom will be presented with a small complementary gift from the museum shop.
  • The museum cannot provide legal witnesses for the ceremony.
  • It is not allowed to throw confetti, rice or similar anywhere on the museum premises.
  • Photography is allowed, but inside the museum only without the use of flash.
  • Music is not allowed at the wedding ceremony.
  • We recommend that a ceremony inside the museum lasts no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Please respect regular museums visitors.

We wish you a pleasant and special day!