Helga Ancher

Helga Cathrine Ancher

Helga Ancher was the only child of Anna and Michael Ancher and grew up in the artists’ colony.  Helga was born in 1883 – the year before the family moved to Anchers Hus on Markvej. As a child, Helga Ancher was the subject in a large number of paintings by her parents.  She is also portrayed in a number of paintings by the other artists.

Early in life she decided to become an artist like both her parents. She was a student of Valdemar Irminger  and Viggo Johansen. In 1909-1910, Helga studied with Simon and Ménard in Paris.

In her will, Helga Ancher bequeathed Anchers Hus, its interiors and the art collection to a foundation with her name. Three years later, in 1967, Anchers was opened to the public as a museum.