Helga Ancher

Helga Cathrine Ancher

Helga Ancher was the daughter of the Ancher couple. Her own artistic works are limited, as she was mostly devoted to the work of her parents.

Helga was born in 1883 – the same year the family moved to the house on Markvej. She lived here her whole life. As a child, Helga Ancher was the motif of a rich number of Anna Ancher’s artwork. She is also portrayed in a number of paintings by the other artists.

In 1909-1910, Helga studied with Simon and Ménard in Paris. Prior to her travels she was taught to paint herself by Viggo Johansen.

When she died in 1964, Helga donated the house including all the interior furniture and artworks to the museum. Today, our visitors can still walk around in the house, which remains decorated the way it was.