Ulrik Plesner

Ulrik Adolph Plesner

Plesner was the architect of many important buildings in Skagen. Among his works are additions to Brøndum’s Hotel, Anna and Michael Ancher’s house on Markvej and of course the original museum building.

Ulrik Plesner was born in 1861, and by 1893 he graduated from The Royal Academy of fine Arts school of Architecture in Copenhagen.

Although not a painter, Plesner was very much a part of the Skagen Colony. His portrait can be found among the rest in the well preserved dining room of Brøndum’s Hotel which can be experienced in the museum.

Besides from artist related building, Plesner also designed many important buildings in Skagen, such as the station building, the post office, the hospital, the bank and many others. He died in 1933 and is buried in Skagen.