Caught in the act

Axel Locher's theatrical statuettes

The masterpiece and life’s work of Danish sculptor Axel Locher (1879-1941) is his series of  theatrical statuettes in plaster. Locher worked on the series for more than 25 years.

16 September 2017 – 02 April 2018 | Skagens Museum

In the first decades of the 20th century, Axel Locher emerged as a prominent sculptor. His works for Royal Copenhagen and the Bing & Grøndahl porcelain factories are found in many Danish homes and his monumental statues of the Danish people tower over the parliament building Christiansborg Slot.

It is however Locher’s large series of theatrical statuettes in polychrome plaster, which must be regarded as his life’s work. The series of statues portrays the biggest talents of the Danish stage in costume. Locher worked on the small portrait sculptures of his contemporary actors, dancers and opera singers for most of his adult life.

It is difficult to tell how many statues Locher made as he made different variations of the same motifs, but there are likely more than 70 different statues. Besides the statues, Axel Locher worked in porcelain and bronze and made monumental sculptures.

Caught in the act – Axel Locher’s theatrical statuettes is the biggest presentation of Locher’s work so far. Besides the theatrical statuettes, the exhibition shows a wide range of examples from Locher’s diverse body of work.