Museums Cafés | Brøndums Havehus at Skagens Museum

Museums Cafés | Brøndums Havehus at Skagens Museum

Brøndums Havehus

The museum café – Brøndums Havehus

The museum café Brøndums Havehus is located in the museum garden behind Skagens Museum. The building was the first home of the artist couple Anna and Michael Ancher. The café is run by Brøndums Hotel and offers a selection of homemade pastries and light dishes for lunch.

The museum café Brøndums Havehus at Skagens Museum (Entrance to the garden from Brøndumsvej and Søndervej)

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Lunch is served between 12 noon and 3.30PM


Chicken salad with bacon and homemade spelt bread DKK 115,-

Quinoa salad with fresh salad, pickled red onion, cabbage and pesto (vegan) DKK 120,-

Skagen prawns with mayonnaise and lemon on bread DKK 150,-

3 open sandwiches of the day – see the blackboard in the café DKK 125,-


Homemade fish cakes with remoulade and rye bread DKK 115,-

Soup with homemade bread and butter – see the blackboard in the café DKK 105,-

Chicken bacon sandwich with salad DKK 100,-

Gluten free bread avaliable on request

Cakes and pastries

Chocolate cookies DKK 25,-

Coconut cake (gluten free, lactose free) DKK 20,-

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting DKK 40,-

Danish apple pie with macaroons and whipped cream (served cold) DKK 35,-

Coffee and tea

Filter coffee DKK 30,-
– Refill DKK 10,-

Espresso (double shot) DKK 35,-

Americano, Cortado, Cappuccino or Cafe Latte DKK 45,-

Tea from A.C. Perchs – see the selection inside the café DKK 45,-

Hot chocolate with whipped cream DKK 45,-

Iced coffee w. espresso, coffee ice cubes, cold milk and vanilla syrup DKK 45,-

Lactose-free low-fat milk avaliable on request


Skagen Bryghus 0.5 l. DKK 70,-
Beer from the local microbrewery Skagens Bryghus

Carlsberg Hof og Tuborg 0.33 l. DKK 35,-

Soft drinks 0.25 l. DKK 30,-

Søbogaard organic lemonade 0.25 l. DKK 30,-
From Møn microbrewery

Still water 0.5 l. DKK 15,-

Glass DKK 55,-
Bottle DKK 270,-