From beginner to master

Perhaps you, too, know the difficulties we experience when starting new things? It was like that for the Skagen painters, too.

Anna Ancher, Laurits Tuxen, and P. S. Krøyer began by making simple line drawings, getting better and better the more they practiced.

Vibeke Krøyer was nine years old when she did the Father Christmas figure. Laurits Tuxen was fourteen when he did the drawing of his room.

The Skagen painters never stopped drawing, not even when they started painting. Did you know that most people stop drawing when they are around ten years old? Have you stopped? Are you still drawing? Or are you going to start again?


Karl Madsen: Anna Brøndum Painting from Life, (1875). Pencil on paper. Anna Ancher: Sailor Boy Saying Goodbye to His Parents, (1875). Pencil on paper. Vibeke Krøyer: Father Christmas Bringing the Christmas Tree and Presents. 1904. Pen on paper. Anna Ancher: A Violinist and a Woman in a Rowing Boat at Sunset, 1870’erne. Watercolour over pencil. P.S. Krøyer: Self-portrait, 1867. Pencil on paper. P.S. Krøyer: Self-portrait, 1863. Pencil and chalk on paper



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