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The Skagen painters continued drawing all through their lives. They made hundreds of drawings: whimsical children’s drawings of pixies, lions, and of their friends, detailed studies of human bodies, sketches for oil paintings, and lots more.

When they drew, they tried to get down on paper exactly what they saw. The more times they did this, the better they became.

It is the same for you! The more you draw, the easier it gets and the more fun it is, too. In the same way that we can train the muscles in our body, so drawing can be trained – just like a muscle.

The Skagen painters were drawing right here in Skagen, and you can do the same. Take a sheet of paper and draw your way through the exhibition or visit the exhibition’s drawing workshop.

Welcome to Drawings Galore!

Laurits Tuxen: P.S. Krøyer walking with his Paintbox in the Dunes, (1904). Pastel on paper. Cropped


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