Drawing practice

The Skagen painters went to different art schools. At the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, the artists learnt to draw in a certain sequence: first, they copied famous paintings. Their teachers believed that the best way to learn to draw was to copy the artists who were the very best at drawing.

Next, the artists drew plaster figures. They practiced getting the size of the face right in relation to the body.

Last, they did life drawings after nude models; the very best thing was drawing after real people! Here the artists learnt to add a kind of 3D effect to the drawings by filling them out with shaded patterns.


Michael Ancher: Female Model. Full-length en Face, no year. Pencil on paper. P.S. Krøyer: Kunstnernes Studieskole, 1878. Charcoal on paper. Holga Reinhard: Anna Brøndum Drawing, 1878. Pencil and chalk on paper. Anna Ancher: Spray of Oak Foliage, no year. Pencil on paper. Viggo Johansen: Seated Male Model, Back View, no year. Charcoal, pencil and chalk on paper.



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