Draw with pencils, Indian ink, charcoal, and pastel crayons

The Skagen painters used lots of different tools for drawing. You probably know pencils and pens, but have you ever heard about pastel, watercolour, charcoal, chalk, and tusche?

Different paper types are also important. If you use pastel, which create beautiful layers of soft colours, it is a good idea to use rough paper, so that the colour gets a better grip on the paper’s surface.

If you use watercolour or tusche, the paper must be absorbent. If you use charcoal and chalk, coloured paper will give you the best result. Pencils can be used for almost anything. Can you detect which tools and paper types the Skagen painters used in their drawings?

Thanks to Arctic Papers for donating their sustainable paper to this exhibition.


Anna Ancher: Little Girl with Flower, 1885. Pastel on paper mounted on paperboard Viggo Johansen: Homesteader Houses on the Moor, 1909. Watercolour and gouache over pencil on paper Michael Ancher: Harvesting Potatoes, No year. Pencil on paper P.S. Krøyer: At the Victualler’s when there is no Fishing, (1882). Charcoal and chalk on paper



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