A masterly hand

In drawings, you will see something very special: the lines as they are drawn. These are lines made by the artist’s hand across the paper with a drawing tool.

You do not see this in paintings because the artist uses brushes and tries to smooth out the brushstrokes. In a drawing, on the other hand, the lines are clearly visible.

In drawings, it is possible to follow the artist’s hands in every detail as they drew the shapes of figures, the coloured sections, or the light and shaded bits.

You get very close to the artist! Training their drawing skills by making lots and lots of drawings, the Skagen painters developed their skills and evolved a masterly hand.

Viggo Johansen: Evening in Everyday Life. Skagen, 1888. Charcoal and chalk on paper. N.P. Mols: Lifeboat Training Session, 1894. Watercolour over pencil on paper. Anna Ancher: Study of the Sewing Girl’s Head, Ane, 1890. Pastel on canvas. Anna Palm: Motif from Skagen, 1884/1885. Watercolour and gouache over pencil on paper.


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