144 drawings!

That is how many there are in this exhibition.

The Skagen painters did a terrific lot of drawings. The Art Museums of Skagen have about four thousand drawings – everything from large sheets of paper to drawings in letters, on envelopes, and even on paper bags.

Some of the drawings were used as sketches for oil paintings, whereas others are just small practice drawings never intended to be finished works. The artists could simply not stop drawing.


Laurits Tuxen: Studies of Arms and Legs, no year. Pencil on paper. Laurits Tuxen: ‘Study for ‘The drowned Boy is brought Ashore’ and a coastal Landscape, (1913). Watercolour over pencil on paper. Holger Drachmann: Studies of Ships with Sails, 1875/1877. Watercolour over pencil on paper. P.S. Krøyer: The Artist painting at the Beach, 1882. Pen on paper. Carl Locher: Fishermen Heading for the Fishing Grounds. Skagen, 1875. Pencil, tusche, chalk and black wash on paper. Laurits Tuxen: Everyday Scenes from Nymindegab, 1879. Pencil, black wash and pen on paper.



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