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Marie Krøyer, English

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“One ought to recognize Mrs. Krøyer’s style – just as one once did the Rococo and Empire styles – as expressing an artistic striving.” These were the words used to describe Marie Krøyer’s talent in an 1899 article. Marie Krøyer was an artist, and throughout her life she worked creatively: with difficulty and effort, with ease and joy. She began with paintings and drawings – work that filled her with doubt. But when she discovered interior design, she found her artistic standpoint, and unfolded her talent both in other people’s homes and in her own.

In this book’s seven articles, the authors examine Marie Krøyer’s wide artistic oeuvre, which ranges from paintings to furniture design. The articles take a closer look at her sources of inspiration, at her strong ideals about ‘the beautiful life’, and at the network that gave her the opportunity to develop and make use of her capabilities. At the same time, Marie Krøyer is portrayed as an artist who interpreted the tendencies and ideas of her time in her own original work.

The book is richly illustrated, and includes both essays and research-based articles.

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Editors: Camilla Klitgaard Laursen, Mette Bøgh Jensen, Signe Havsteen

Printed in Sweden, 2023

ISBN: 978-87-90597-34-4