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Living Museums In Scandinavia

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The museums chosen for this book are all authentic Scandinavian homes. Their distinctive common Scandinavian origin is evident in the wonderful clarity of light and color and in the beautiful, simple living style for which Scandinavia is so well known.
These museums also have in common that they seen especially alive because they are still intensely reflecting the life that they were created by those  who originally lived there. It is as though the residents have just stepped out for a moment!
These homes represent a wide variety of types ranging from a sophisticated Jugend style to simple country style, and from urban houses to farms and artist’s studio.
The residents have represented many social levels from anonymous citizens and farmers to well-known artists, architects and scientists. Because of the strong authenticity of these places, they offer us a rare opportunity of going back in time and experiencing different ways of living, and perhaps finding inspiration for our own lives.

Photographer Per Nagel has collaborated with architect Vibe Udsen for many years in publishing the world-wide distributed architectural annual, LIVING ARCHITECTURE, which is based on his exceptional photographs og Scandinavian Architecture.
In LIVING MUSEUMS IN SCANDINAVIA, Per Nagel’s evocative photographs convey the atmosphere of these old residences in such a magnificent way that the reader almost has the feeling of having been there.

Author: Vibe Udsen
Publisher: Per Nagel
Hardback 186 pages

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