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Brøndum’s Dining Room – In gratitude for happy days

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The richly illustrated book tells the story of the most fascinating room in Skagens Museum – the Brøndum’s dining room, which includes the frieze of portraits of and by members of the artists’ colony in Skagen. The story of the Brøndum’s dining room is in many ways also that of the Skagen painters and of Brøndum’s Hotel, which from the start of the 1870s was the centre of the artists’ colony.
Created by the artists themselves, the Brøndum’s dining room is a unique monument to the era of the Skagen painters.

Brøndum’s Dinning Room – In gratitude for happy days by Mette Bøgh Jensen
Translated by Walton Glyn Jones
Hardback. 311 pages
Publisher: Skagens Museum (2011)
Language: English
ISBN: 9788791048272

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