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Anna Ancher, English

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Anna Ancher (1859-1935) was modern before modern painting had its breakthrough. At the same time, she is one of the most widely treasured painters in Denmark as well as one of the greatest artists in Danish art history. A crucial part of the Skagens painters’ circle, she has long been inscribed af the brightly shining centre of the colony.  However, the extensive focus on Skagen and the artists’ colony has tended to overshadow other narratives about Anna Ancher and the context within which sha can also be understood.
This book, which accompanies the exhibition ANNA ANCHER takes a fresh look at the artist’s production. The objektive is to lift Anna Ancher out of Skagen, out af her close association with the artists’ colony and Naturalism, placing her witin other, wider context. And, importantly, to also explore how Anna Ancher always “returned home”, using her new impressions and inspirations to work with local Skagen subjects in completely different original ways.

The exhibition and the accompanying book came into being through a close collaboration between the National Gallery of Denmark, The Art Museums of Skagen and Lillehammer Art Museum in Norway.

The Anna Ancher exhibition can be viewed at Skagens Museum from 13 June until 18 October 2020.


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Peter Nørgaard Larsen
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Mette Houlberg Rung
Gertrud Oelsner
Charlotte Lindvald
Nils Ohlsen
Elisabeth Fabritius
Cecilie Høgsbro Østergaard
Andreas Bjerre
Caroline Bøjesen Schmit-Andersen

240 pages, with a comprehensive selection of illustrations

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