Anchers café

Homestyle cooking with organic produce

Anchers café is the museum café by Anchers Hus. The café is located in the yellow cottage, Saxilds Gaard, which was the historic home of the town baker Saxild. The Saxild family was the neighbours of the Ancher family, and the family’s daughters can be found in several of the artist couple’s paintings.

Please note, unfortunately it is not possible to book a table in Anchers cafe.




Served 12noon –3pm

Danish omelette served in the pan
Danish bacon, tomatoes, chives, homemade rye bread and butter
DKK 129,-

Vegetarian Danish omelette served in the pan
Fresh organic tomatoes, chives, rye bread with a salad
DKK 129,-

Traditional Danish pickled herring
Served with homemade curry salad, eggs as well as homemade rye bread and butter
DKK 96,-

House salad
Small patatoes, herbs, red onions and seasonal greens with homemade ryebread and dressing
DKK 89,-


Cakes & Desserts

Homemade cake and coffee/tea
Incl. refill
DKK 69,-

Ice cream cone with homemade Danish meringue
Organic ice cream from ‘Hansens’
Daily specials. Ask the staff for selection of plant based ice

Cakes & Pastries
We also offer sugar-free and gluten-free cakes.
DKK 42,-


An artistic cake menu

With crème cheese filling, sweet frosting and fragrant marigold
DKK 42,-

Classic Danish layer cake with berrymousse, vanillacustard and soft cake
Decorated with whipped cream and fragrant flowers
DKK 42,-

Layer cake with coffee mousse, chocolate cream and soft cake
Decorated with glaze and crunchy hazelnut flakes
DKK 42,-

Coconut tops
With dark chocolate bottoms and fragrant cornflowers
DKK 42,-

Anna Ancher’s Apple Pie
Made from an old original recipe from Anna Ancher’s own kitchen
With apples cooked in wine, lemon zest and lots of almonds
DKK 42,-

Traditional Danish forest fruit compote on top of a fluffy vanilla cake layer
DKK 42,-


 Drinks and beverages

incl. a refill
DKK 30,-

Hot chocolate w. whipped cream
DKK 45,-

Organic lemonade from Thisteds Bryghus 0.25 l
DKK 29,-

Organic sparkling water
DKK 29,-

Organic soda. Several flavors
DKK 29,-

Bottled water
DKK 20,-

Tap water in a carafe
DKK 20,-

Organic beer from Thisted Bryghus 0.33 l
DKK 35,-

Organic lager from Thisted Bryghus 0.33 l
DKK 25,-

House summer cocktails
A selection of alcholic cocktails
DKK 70,-

Schnapps seasoned with local herbs
DKK 30,-

Organic white wine
Blanc de Rolle 2018 – Domaine des Féraud
Gl. 55,- Bt. 225,-

Organic rosé
Cuvée Prestige Rosé 2018 – Domaine des Féraud
Gl. 55,- Bt. 225,-

Anchers Café uses biodegradable straws and recycles coffee grounds and egg shells to benefit and protect people, animals, and the environment